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About: I'm a first grade student from India.

Hello all,

I'm Sanjay Siddharth from Goa, India. I'm 6 years old and currently studying Grade-1 in Sharada Mandir School, Panaji, Goa. This is my first attempt in the field of Robotics. This simple technology can be used to make any object move.

Using this technology, I started converting my normal car toys into automatic ones. Quite useful for kids like me you see :-)

I love this subject and started trying my hand at it.

Appreciate if you can leave some comments for me.

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Step 1: :

The process is as follows:

Step-1: Stick 3 Popsicle sticks to form a proper triangle. Stick the fourth stick over this triangle (for sticking electronic items on it).

Step 2: :

Step-2: Stick ping pong balls on three sides of the triangle.

Step 3: :

Step-3: Stick DC Motor and ON/OFF Switch on the battery and connect them using battery cap and wires.

Step 4: :

Step-4: Connect a spinner to the Motor using straws. And my Ping Pong Robot is ready.

Step 5: Here's How I Made It.

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    Thank you. I have few pictures of converting one of my manual car toy into automatic one using the above technology. I captured the assemble process there. Shall share them.