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Introduction: Pinhole Lens Glasses

Have you ever play with a pinhole camera that is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture — effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side.
It can be easily made with an empty pringles chip can
(See how to make it on

Now you can have glasses with poinhole lens and see the twirling images in an easy and fun way!!!

Here is our upgraded version of the pinhole lens.

Step 1:

Material needed: 2 pringles’ pinhole lens cams (see last posting for the instruction), ruler, tape, unused big glasses frame, cutter, empty box (here we used shoe box), fabrics for cover.

Step 2:

Step 1: Cut the side of sturdy box in a size of which two pringles can fit in. Align and put them on the box board with tape.

Step 3:

Step 2: Make a little V-shaped board and stick between two cans in order to spread little bit of the bottom parts with the metal end and the holes. Tape all the parts to hold them together.

Step 4:

Step 3: Cover the top with another box board. Attach whole thing to the glasses frame; the side of opened ends of the two cans directly attached to the frame. Anchor it with the tape. Cover the box with nice fabric which does not allow the light goes into the box; we want inside of the box as dark as possible. Stitch fabric pieces together.

Step 5:

Step 4: Make sure you make holes in front that goes with the center of the each metal part on pringles pinhole lens.

Step 6:

Check out the testing videos at Vimeo!!!!

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's more a kaleidoscope than a pinhole lens, thanks to the distance between the pinhole and the eyes, and it would be far better to embed the video in the Instructable, rather than just posting a screen-shot and a link.

    (It is pretty cool watching the images of the outside world projected around the inside of the tubes.)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You don't explain this very well. It's a dual miniature camer-obscura type thing and I want to build one.
    Try to emphasise how great it is to stare into this.