Pink 12v Ride-On Truck With Big Red Button

About: Students at Wichita State University run a program that modifies off-the-shelf ride-on toy cars for kids with disabilities. Our cars feature more technical builds with joysticks and arduinos. We post our ins...

Below are the lists of all the parts and tools required for the modifications. Most of these will be found in hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, unless otherwise noted. The electronics supplies have hyperlinks directed to the product pages for order. The internal modifications require skills in soldering and wiring.


  1. 12v Best Choice Pink Ride-On Truck with Remote
    1. Model - 2856
  2. 2-way Metallic Switch
  3. Relay Switch
  4. Big Red Push Button
  5. 2 - 2” Self Tapping Screws
  6. 18 gauge Red Wire - 6ft
  7. 18 gauge White Wire - 6ft
  8. Electrical Crimp Ends
  9. 2 Push Button electrical switches


  1. Measuring Tape/Ruler
  2. Dremel tool Drill Drill Bits - 3/16”, 1/4”, 1/8”
  3. Screwdrivers Pen, pencil, or Marker
  4. Wrenches
  5. Hack Saw
  6. File
  7. Pliers
  8. Wire Strippers
  9. Soldering Iron
  10. Solder
  11. Wire Cutters
  12. Wire Crimpers
  13. Electrical Tape
  14. Adjustable Clamps

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Step 1: Assembly of the 12v Best Choice Ride-On Truck

Follow the manufactures assembly instructions for the exception of the mounting the steering wheel. Leave aside for modification.

Step 2: Assembly of Steering Wheel With Big Red Button.

  1. Disassemble original steering wheel, by removing the 10 self-tapping screws from the rear of the steering wheel assembly.
  2. Remove steering wheel button circuit boards and buttons from the assembly and set aside.
  3. With a dremel tool, cut the front portion of the steering wheel assembly to make room for the Red Button housing.
  4. Smooth with a file to remove and sharp edges from the cuts made from the dremel.
  5. Disassemble the Big Red Button housing to reveal the internal button and housing base. Using the clamps center the button housing in the steering wheel leaving enough room for the modified cut piece will fit back into place around the button housing.
  6. Run the buttons wiring out the back of the housing and down the back pieces whole to run the wiring into the jeep at a later step.
  7. Attach the housing to the back piece of the steering wheel assembly with the two 2” self tapping screws until the housing is completed attached and secure. Reassemble the red button housing.
  8. Attach the modified front piece with the original screws and cut end piece of red button to be wired at a later step.
  9. Attach the steering wheel into place on the ride-on truck. Keep in mind to run your wires down the hole provided for to get the wiring into the hood area.

Step 3: Wiring of Steering Wheel Button to Replace Foot Actuator

  1. Disassemble the foot pedal actuator to allow access to the switch behind the pedal. Then detached the crimped connection to the pedal.
  2. Pull the wires from the original location and into the hood space of the ride on truck and connect to your relay. Depending on your relay depends on the connection you connect to. With this version connect positive power supply wire (Check by using a voltmeter) it was pole #30 and negative side wire to #87.
  3. Using the crimp ends, crimp the two wires from the Big Red Button that ran through the steering wheel column and in to the hood area. Connect one end to the battery splice supply after the kill switch and the other to pole #85
  4. Test connection with Power supplied to computer to ensure functionality. Secure into place with a self tapping screw

Step 4:

  1. Cut the 18g Wire that is located before computer but after the positive side of the battery.
  2. Take your 18g wire cut two 36” sections. Connect one length of wire to the battery side of the splice secure with a wire nut.
  3. Take your second length of wire and connect to the battery side and secure with a wire nut.
  4. Run both wires to the rear of the Ride on Truck underneath the chassis. Secure with electrical tape to original wiring. Using the drill bits Drill a large enough hole for the circumference of your metal two way switch. Place the switch through the hole and secure with provided nut.
  5. Using the crimp ends, secure both wires to the kill switch.



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