Pink Apple Salad





Introduction: Pink Apple Salad

The first time I saw pink apples, I knew I needed to share them with the Instructables audience.  I asked my friendly produce manager, "What does one do with pink apples?"  And this is what he told me.  Almost literally.  He didn't say "Make a salad."  He just started listing ingredients.  

So that's what I made and boy, oh boy, was it amazing.  Ok, so I added the pecans and swapped a stronger goat's cheese for feta, and I didn't have the recommended lemon juice, so I used white balsamic vinegar.  Still fantastic.  

Pink apples are very tart and lend a real brightness to this salad (both visually and tasteually - pretty sure that's a word).  If you can find them in your local market, you're one lucky dog.  Try this salad tonight!

1 pink pearl apple, peeled and sliced thinly
Big ole mess of mixed greens
1 spring onion or tiny red onion, sliced thinly
1 Tablespoon goats cheese
1 handful pecans (toasted opt)
Lemon juice
Drizzle of olive oil (opt)
Fresh cracked pepper



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    8 Discussions

    Gorgeous! I'll be on the look for some pink apples at my local farmer's markets as we get into apple season.

    I've also been doing a little research on some old apple recipes, and found a clever way to make red apples turn pink. Poach red apples with the skin on, and then carefully peel off the skin to reveal a "blushing" apple. Can't wait to give both types of pink apples a try.

    I never saw a pink apple. But I'd better find one quick, so I can make this salad for Randy when he comes in for the Maiker Faire! Maybe he can bring me a red apple? Looks delish!

    This is right up my alley! It looks amazing. My problem . . . . I really doubt I can find them in our stores here. I do plan on checking.

    This looks AMAZING!!

    When I saw the subscription update in my inbox I was intrigued to find out whether it were to be the apples that were pink, or in fact the whole salad itself.

    Sure got me to this page fast!

    Sure makes a pretty pic. So are these different from pink lady apples? Are these in season right now? I wonder if they would turn to mush in a apple pie...I'll have to see if my grocer carries them.