Pink Balayage Ombre Hair Colour

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Step 1: Prepare

Prepare the hair for colouring. Make sure hair doesn't have too much hair product on as this would prevent colour taking properly. Make sure hair is combed through.

Step 2: Roots

Apply darker pink to roots area 1st.
Take clean sections, comb through then apply colour to the regrowth area.

Step 3: Apply Lighter Pink to Ends

Taking zig zag sections from the nape of the neck comb darker pink through and apply lighter pink. You can then comb through section once again or use hands to blend both colours together creating a nice even colour melt. Make sure hands are clean at all times and wear gloves. Once all the hair has been Colour leave to develop

Step 4: End Result

The end result. A nice dark shadowed root fading into a lighter pink. I used Revlon Professional Pure Color to create this look.
You can style hair as usual. Curls usually show the colour off more.

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    Thank you Seamster :)


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    Very nice! That's a great looking gradient effect. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to instructables! :)