Pink Medusa Costume

Intro: Pink Medusa Costume

It's Medusa...with a twist.

The costume consists of three components: the dress, the headpiece, and the accessories.

1. the dress -
* get or make a pink goddess dress

2. the headpiece -
* get lots of toy rubber snakes ranging from 4" to 8" long
* get 3-4 different shades of pink and paint each snake
* paint designs on snakes in opposing colors, add gold glitter
* glue snakes onto gold leaf headpiece
* have them coming out at different angles, all around the head
* glue extra snakes to clips and bobby pins

3. the accessories -
* get a gold snake to wrap around arm
* add snake rings
* glue pink snakes to earring backs
* get sparkles and pink rhinestones for face

I used 60 curlers the night before to get crazy curls.  I wore gold wedges that have a snake wrapping around the front.

Pink Medusa was a hit!



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