Pink Spring Glam Makeup Look

Introduction: Pink Spring Glam Makeup Look

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The perfect look heading into the summer. Pink is the ideal colour for spring and adding in allot of highlight gives you that natural glow :)

Step 1:

First for the look you want to take a large fluffy brush and blend a brown shadow into the crease making sure there is no harsh lines.

Step 2:

Then with a darker brown shade and a smaller fluffy brush you want to apply this to the crease keeping it closer to the lash line. Also take this on the outer and inner corner of the lid and also the lower lash line.

Step 3:

For the centre of the lid you want to carve out where the pink and highlight shadows are going to go. So with either concealer or a eye primer apply this to the inner part of the lid.

Step 4:

Then with this pink eyeshadow you want to apply this on the outer parts of the concealer you have just applied.

Step 5:

Then with this pink shimmer highlighter shadow apply this on the very centre of the lid in an upside down triangle shape. You want to make sure these two shadows are blended into each other and no harsh lines. To do this you want to go back and forth with the two shadows.

Step 6:

With this darker shade of shimmery pink apple this on the outer parts of the pinks to give some definition and depth.

Step 7:

With a pencil brush and a dark brown shade you want to apply this right at the crease where the pinks and the crease shadows meet.

Step 8:

Now apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes and then also apply some false lashes.

Step 9:

With a tiny bit of black eyeshadow apply this on the outer part of the eyes to deepen up the eyes. Apply small amounts and light pressure until you are happy.

Step 10:

For this look I paired it with a pink liquid lip and gloss.

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