Pink Stone Fairy Cottage Doll House





Introduction: Pink Stone Fairy Cottage Doll House

My garden fairies, Faye and Louise, found some materials left in the yard and asked my help in creating a cottage for them to live in. 

Step 1:

I cannot give you a precise step by step for this project.  I have been collecting materials like paper, fabric, lace, paint, mat board and endless other objects for years.  I had two oatmeal boxes that were originally supposed to be the cottage, but that was too small for the fairy dolls.  So the project grew and the cottage became a two floor house with four turret rooms, one at each corner.  The pictures will give you a sense of what I did.  I pretty much just made it up as I went.

Step 2:

I needed to make floors, walls, stairs, fireplaces, furniture, decorate with wall paper and floor treatments.  The upper stairway opening needed a railing, as did the back balcony.  I measured, drew, cut, pasted, wrapped and attached decorative paper to mat board, chip board and foam core.

Step 3:

Here are some views of the interior with the fairies inside preparing for the curtains, beds and cushions.  Imagine a fantasy world and create it!  Have fun.  Thank you for looking at the Pink Stone Fairy Cottage.



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    4 Discussions

    Nicely done! My wife is pregnent! I will make this if i have a baby girl. Car shed and garage with the same plan (color blue) if it is a baby boy!