Pink and Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Pink and Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

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1. First I started this look by priming my face using the Maybelline stay matt primer. I apply this all over my face.

2. I then apply my foundation with a brush and the one i used was the L'Oreal Inflammable 24 hour foundation. I make sure this all blended n evenly and leaving no harsh lines.

3. I then set this with any pressed powder.

4. I then prime my eyes ready for eye shadow. For this i used the lorac primer and applied this all over the lid up to the brow bone

5. Next using the BH Special Occasions palette i actually use blushes for this i start off with the lightest pink in the palette and end up to the darker pink and blend this into the crease of my eye making sure it is all blended together. I think using more colours help them blend easier.

6. I then use the white out of this palette and apply this to my lid and blend the edges into the pink so it doesn't look harsh.

7. Now using the BH Party Girl After Hours palette i use a pink purple colour and blend this just into the crease underneath the other pinks with a smaller fluffy brush to give ti some definition.

8. I then repeat this step using a purple blue colour. Also making sure these colours all blend in together.

9. I then use a black and apply this on the outer corner of my eye and then blend this all in together.

10. I then go back in with a white to touch up anything that got blended away.

11. I then highlight my face using the maybelline Dream Lumitouch. I apply this in under my eyes in a triangle shape, down my nose, my forehead and on my chin. I then blend this all in using a beauty blender. I then set this in place using the laura mercier setting powder.

12. I then bronze/ contour my face using a bronzer darker then my skin tone.

13. I then go in with my collection brow kit and brush my brows into place and then fill them in. I then also take a little bit of concealer and take this under the brow to help define this and highlight it.

14. I then apply some mascara to prep them for lashes. I then use my eyeliner gel to create a winged look

15. I then go back in with the BH Party Girl after hours palette and use the light and dark blue and blend this under the lower eye line. I finish this off with some white eye liner in my water line and applying lashes.

16. I then use my BH cosmetics 28 colour lip palette and use a pink colour for my lips and apply this.

17. And then finally I use my BH Special occasions i use the dark pink and apply this to my cheek bones.

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