Pink and Purple Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry - Free Crochet Bracelet Pattern With Beads

This tutorial provides you with a free crochet bracelet pattern with beads, and informs you on how to create this handcrafted beaded jewelry. The pink and purple thread against the silvery beads set off each other nicely!

Today, we will join colorful threads with metal beads! It is a fresh new day, a new season and we are in an ecstatic mood here.  The memories from our last handcrafted beaded jewelry have been fading out of our minds, and our wrists have wanted a new free crochet bracelet pattern with beads for a while.

Materials and tools for the bracelet:

4*5mm silvery metal alloy beads

1mm pink nylon thread

1mm purple nylon thread

White button bead


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Step 1: Create a Loop

1st, fold the purple nylon thread, leave a 2cm loop atop and make a pair (or single) of square knots with pink thread;

2nd, cross left arm of purple thread over its right one;

3rd, push the purple thread aside and cross pink thread;

4th, continue to do this kind of 4 –strand-braiding.

Step 2: Braid the Beaded Part

1st, when the braiding length reaches 1/3 of wrist circumference, start to add beads;

2nd, add silvery beads to both sides of pink thread, braid them in and when they go out, continue beading and braiding;

3rd, when the beaded length reaches another 1/3 of wrist circumference, start to braid without beads;

4th, finish the last 1/3 by braiding.

Step 3: Finish the Beaded Bracelet

1st, thread the 4 lengths through the holes of a button and tie double knots over it;

2nd, trim off any excess threads from the knots.

Step 4: The Finalized Design Looks Like This:

Our tutorial for a pink and purple handcrafted beaded bracelet is finished! The main skill to master for this free crochet bracelet pattern with beads is just the 4-strand braiding technique.



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