Introduction: PinkStick

Your pet is so nice and you just want to give him/her a chewy toy to play with? But they cost $$$$$$ these days! Then make your own! This super easy and inexpensive toy is just the thing!

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

EVERYBODY has a sponge, chopstick, and scissors, am I right? And that's all you need!

Step 2: Step 2: Put It All Together

Simply poke the chopstick through the sponge (this may take some effort) and rub it back and forth until it can slide easily. Slide the sponge off, apply some hot-glue, then slide it back on. To make sure it wont slide off you can fuse heat shrink to the ends of the chopstick. (Note the video below is my first, general idea, so it doesn't follow the directions completely, so don't use it for instructions)



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    A fun idea. However, not so sure bits of sponge are digestible? And trust me, doggies will eat anything!