Pint-Sized Predator




Introduction: Pint-Sized Predator

Here's my 8 year old son @HurricaneHoldy in our HOMEMADE "pint-sized Predator" costume. It took about a month of Saturdays to complete and NOTHING that appears on the costume was store bought or not modified in some way to fit the overall concept. Also, I AM NOT A MAKE UP ARTIST. I just LOVE Halloween and making costumes!!!

Step 1: Building the Body

The first thing I did was buy a CHEAP mannequin that was my son's size off of ebay. It was made of plastic and PERFECT for the job at hand. Next, we started with a surfer wet suit that we "sculpted" musculature on with liquid latex, nylon pillow batting, and paper towels. We just formed the basic shapes in batting and diped in the latex. That was then placed on the wetsuit as desired. I feathered the wet edges to blend. We followed up with ragged edged pieces of paper towel for the skin - straight edges tend to show so we tore the towels into irregular shapes. Then we brushed latex to saturate the paper. The result is a very strong rubber outer skin in the shapes we laid out. It was then ready for paint. I bought a cheap airbrush from Harbor Freight and some stencils and went to town. I probably should have gotten a better airbrush but the stencils made it easier to get the look we were going for.

Step 2: Building the Head

We sculpted the head in clay on top of an old hockey helmet and cast in dental stone. We reinforced the mold with plaster bandages. Black latex was poured into the mold and strengthened from the back with paper towels. Once dry, we pulled out the mask. It was ready for prep and paint. I cleaned up the edges with a pair of scissors so the outer edges of the mask would be even. I cleaned the clay off of the hockey helmet and fitted the latex skin on top. It fit perfectly. For the mandibles, I made the hinged "pincers" with friendly plastic and epoxyed them to the helmet. I put party balloons under the seesaw-like "pincer" arm and ran tubing to the back of the head. When I pushed air through the tubing with a squeeze bulb, the inflating balloon moved the pincer inwards towards the center of the mouth. (see video below) I took an old black t-shirt and cut out a large square. It was hot glued along the back to cover the back of the helmet. Everything was glued in place before painting.

Step 3: Details, Details, Details...

Now was the time to add the dredlocks. I bought 3/4" Pre-Caulking Filler Rope Backer and sanded the ends to a point. They were glued in place and sprayed with black plastidip. I cut smaller "barbs" for the top of the head from the same foam and glued in place. Then, I began assembling the suit. I bought old sporting equipment for pennies on the dollar at a local used sporting goods store. Some I cut and hot glued in different configurations to hide their origin and to make them more "predator-like. I sprayed with different shades of metallic spray paints. Silvers and bronzes worked best followed by a little black to "dirty" it all up. Soccer shin guards were reconfigured to make the gauntlets. I added a working clock from the auto parts store on one and plastic blades completed the look on the other. Fishnet stockings were used to create the body netting. I bought kids gloves and socks for the feet and hands. They were airbrushed to match. Press on nails were used for the claws. Everything was sprayed with a light coat of clearcoat to give it that wet look and to protect the paint work. I added a few lights and even a bluetooth speaker to play Predator sounds from my phone. :)

Step 4: Almost Finished!!!

Here's a video of the suit just prior to trying it on for the first time!

Step 5: Let's Suit Up!

I painted Holden's face black to blend with the mask and to hide his mouth. We filled the costume with talc since it was a HOT day. :)

Step 6: Happy Halloween From @hurricanholdy and Cf_pigsjessica

Here are my kids, ready to go trick or treating!! The costume was a HUGE success. Happy Halloween! We'll surely make it to MonsterPalooza this year in these costumes. Look out for us... :)

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    that is bad ass

    This is a truly great costume. I like it so much. But I guess it costs a lot of work and time. But looking incredible.

    2 replies

    It was a lot of work but really a very fun project to do with the kids. :) It was a great way to introduce the kids to hot glue, spraypaint and airbrushes... and mire importantly that you can do things on your own. Sometimes the best stuff doesn't come in a bag on a shelf. :) We built both costumes over the span of a month on the weekends for a few hours each day. Thanks for commenting!!!

    Woah, this was a fun project to do with the kids?! Those kids must be very brave to work with the Predator! I remember that when I was young I was sooo scared of it (him?) Anyhow, great project!

    Oh, wow. This is amazing! I love the Furiosa costume too. That's what I was for Halloween also. The robot hand looks perfect! Are you going to do an Instructable on her costume? Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Thanks! If you have not seen it already, I posted it here. :)

    Man you're an artist.

    This is so cool. you did an awesome job!!!!

    This is so cool. you did an awesome job!!!!

    Impressive build. I imagine it took you a lot of time today.

    I'm so impressed!! Way to go, man!

    This is all kinds of awesome. Your kids are so lucky!

    Furiosa looks badass too! :)