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I needed a bed for my new place so i went to instructables.com (of course!) to find a good style. The best one that i liked is the pipe bed. The advantage to pipe beds is that they can be taken apart for shipping if plan to move. There are a few pipe bed instructables on here, so when i decided to make mine i had a pretty good idea of what i was getting into.

This bed took about an hour to put together. For the connectors i used speed-rail fittings, i was only able to find these online, but warning they are EXPENSIVE. For the 8 pieces i got (4 90 degree pieces and 4 foots) it was about $130. The pipes i used were 1 1/2" galvanized pipe from home depot, about $200 for that.

I topped everything off with two pieces of plywood. The bed currently measures 5 ft 7 in X 8ft X 2ft. The height gives a lot of storage but i think im going to lower it soon to make getting into it easier. I might cut the pipe shorter as well, due to the useless lip that acts currently as a clean clothing storage. With this size of bed, it wouldn't be hard to integrate some good storage.

I'm pretty happy with the result. If you are looking for cheap, build a wooden bed but if you want something that has that industrial feel and a lot of strength, then pipe beds are for you.



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    could you use PVC to make it less expensive?

    I'm looking for an old iron bed like my Grandma had ! I'm a big boy & need something that's not gonna "Taco" on me ! This is as close to that, so I love UR design !

    Did you check into 'home building materials' warehouses ?
    Raugh iron scaffolding pipes and connectors costs a lot less I guess ..

    Glad you like your bed. Looks cool except I worry about getting enough air circulation around your mattress to prevent mold, etc.

    Check out AERAY's 'cheap easy low waste bed.' You might like his 'ible enough to redo your bed. Good luck!

    Ikea sell the bottom spring board sections for their beds seperate. Might be worth looking into instead of a bit of plywood.

    Might involve putting a extra strut down the middle!

    Just wondering, does it squeak when you get busy on it?