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You are here because you want to build a unique light for your table instead of buying one... Awesome!

Here is my quick and simple design that I came up with after looking at dozens upon dozens of pipe chandelier images on Google. This design can easily be modified and custom built to fit your exact size and needs. Let's get started!

Step 1: Take Measurements

First step is to take and write down your measurements.

NOTE: For this particular project, your table must be centered under the ceiling electrical box.

Take into account your ceiling height, table size, and table position in the room. Now is also a good time to sketch out your plan to visualize each component needed to complete the project.

Here are my measurements:
Ceiling - 8ft
Table length - 7ft
Table position - middle of room
How far from ceiling I want my lights - 2ft

Step 2: Buy Your Supplies

Here is the list of materials you'll need... remember, you can alter the pipe lengths to fit your table size and ceiling height.

3 - 1/2" Black Pipe "T" fittings

2 - 1/2" Black Pipe Nipples [18" long]

1 - 1/2" Black Pipe Nipple [10" long]

2 - 1/2" Black Pipe Reducer Fittings

2 - Light Fixtures of your Choice (make sure there is at least 3ft - 4ft of wire on them)

1 - Outdoor Circular Metal Light Cover w/ 3 holes (1/2")

** I got all my hardware from Home Depot and the light fixtures from Target

Step 3: Assemble It

First, shut off power to the light being swapped via the breaker or fuse and remove the old light fixture. [If you are not comfortable doing this, then find someone who is]

Second, assemble the pipe pieces together. Try to tighten all the joints as tight as possible to achieve maximum rigidity. Use a pipe wrench if you have one, otherwise you can stick a screwdriver through the "T" fitting for more leverage. Make sure that all of your fittings and holes lineup the way you want them to.

Once assembled, you can either cleanup the pipe and leave as-is or spray paint the entire thing your favorite color!

Now you can thread the lamp cords through the "T" fittings on either end and up though the cover into the junction box. Connect the wires and turn the power back on. Don't forget to put in the bulbs and enjoy your new light fixture!



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    2 years ago

    Very cool. I've seen a lot of pipe lamp/fixture arrangements, and I quite like your simple take on the idea. Well done! :)

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    There are some fixtures out there that are just too complex. Stick with KISS (keep it simple stupid) and you'll be alright.