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Introduction: Pipe Lamp

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This os a REALLY EASY project for you side table..

Este Es Un proyecto súper sencillo para la mesita de noche...

Step 1: Pipes

First of all you can check all the diff design of pipe lamps and you can add all types of things dependin on the size and .... Budget :)
This are all 3/4 inches pipes and the reduce to 1/2 " at the end for the bulb piece. And of course the cable...

Primero pueden revisar todos los modelos y diseños de lámparas de tubería que quieran depende del tamaño que necesiten y su presupuesto. Todas estas pieAs son de 3/4 de pulgada. Y luego se reduce a 1/2 en la pieza final donde va él bombillo. Y por supuesto un cable

Step 2: Paint and Conect

Once you put the cable all throu the pipes you can paint however you want. In my case I want it black and gold. ... The valve and the thing for the bulb was already gold so I put some tape around and paint with spray the rest.

Una vez que colocan el cable por los tubos pueden pintar la pieza o dejarla cruda. En lo caso la quise negro y dorado. Ya la válvula y el Sócate eran dorados así que los tape con masking tape. Para poder pintar el resto.

Step 3: Ready

This lamp has no legs or support. It has antoje pipe insiste so i stick it through the wood.

Esta lampara no tiene patas o base. Solo está atravesado de la tabla y tiene una unión por dentro de donde se sostiene.

Step 4: DONE

as you can see The Gold/blue valve is decorative. It already have a switch to on and off the bulb.

I loved this project. I did it in literally 2 hrs
And the side table it was more complicated. Maybe I'll make an instructable for this later. Hope u like it

Como ven la válvula dorada/azul es decorativa. Ya tiene un suiche para prender y apagar el bombillo.

Me encanto este proyecto y lo hice en 2 hrs como mucho. La mesa si fue más complicada. Quizá haga un instructable después para esto

Que lo disfruten.




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11 Discussions

Have always wanted to do this type of thing. I too, am afraid of electricty. Seems pretty straight forward. Thanks!

Did you consider using the valve as the switch? It seems like it would be fairly easy to retrofit it in.

1 reply

YES !!! actualy this is my firts time making this... so im gonna try to make more stuffs like this one, I dont like too much electricity, cables hahaha but its really cool.... theres a guy called PIPE LAMP STORY, go check its truly amazing !!! thank u

Did you disable the ball valve? If someone were to turn it while it were on, it would give a game roid shock. Just food for though.

1 reply

Hahaa it's not "disable" bc it was a personal project and I know I won't turn it while is plugged. BUT !!! I'm gonna make this for sale and yes I think it would be better and safer to disable to avoid stupid accidents jahahaaa thank you for the comment appreciate

hy, nice project ! please tell me if the valve is action like an switch power, and if it does how it's work?

1 reply

It is just decorative the valve is totally open. The in and off is in the bulb thingy

Give them a good shock* sorry, this commenting sucks on an iPhone

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As I said on the steps. The valve is just decorative. It's completely open so the cable can cone through and of course is not a very good idea to close it hahaa. The on and off switch is on the bulb thingy

Well, I live in Panama so I don't know if there's a difference in prices. I pay 22$ for everything but the bulbs. I already had it.