Pipe Lamp With Dimmer and Vintage Bulb




Introduction: Pipe Lamp With Dimmer and Vintage Bulb

I bought the vintage bulb 3 years ago and I kept dreaming about this day ever since.

Inspired by the vast number of pipe lamps found on the internet or on instructables, I gathered all the materials and the dream came true.

You are advised to not try this at home alone or without a professional’s supervision. If you do not master electrical and mechanical engineering you are strongly advised to be careful because there is a high danger of getting yourselves electrocuted.

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Step 1: You Need:

1. Pipes. flanges, connectors - depending on the design

2. Cable - for this project I used textile cable

3. Dimmer small enough to fit the pipe

4. Faucet

5. Miscellaneous tools (screwdriver, drilling machine, etc)

Step 2: Faucet - Dimmer Preparation

Biggest problem was to match together the dimmer with the faucet. Here I had a little help from my colleague, he has all the tools required for this step.

The part which is actually stopping the water needs to be removed and the golden dimmer cap needs to be secured with the faucet using a small screw and a lot of super-glue

Step 3: Testing

After the dimmer became a very close friend with the faucet, I wanted to test the whole circuit.

Mounted everything in a hurry, using temporary cables and connections and ... voilà: it's working.

Step 4: Socket Cabling

Step 5: Dimmer Inserted Into the Pipe

I used a rubber hose to prevent the dimmer touching the pipe. For safety reasons.

Step 6: Textile Cable

Drill a hole large enough to fit the rubber cable protection. It took me some time as I don't have a standing drilling machine.

Fit the cable protection into the hole.

Pass the cable through the rubber protection.

Connect the cable to the plug.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Join the pipes together and enjoy your new lamp.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    i had liked some more info,

    like the dimmer type or where its from,

    wire thickness and additional safty info

    did you use earth protection?coss is a meal base.


    3 years ago

    yes i like it,

    i got a box full of those great lights, with the same dream.

    making a killer looking light or even MORE

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That looks great. This would be perfect for any kind of steampunk design.


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks. i agree with you. unfortunately i don't have the right workplace to create something more complicated. as you can see i was working outside, on the terrace. on a beach rug :)))))