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Introduction: Pipe Launcher/ Crusher

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As a pop can collector there comes a time when the pop cans need to be crushed to save space. A friend always said why do it the easy way when you can do it *** backwards. Not sure what it meant but I'm sure this can be considered the hard way of crushing pop cans. Yet it is very entertaining and the crusher can double as a tennis ball launcher as well. After a hard days of work just load up the tennis balls and have a good launching. Maybe they will fly high enough to go into outer spay. JK the range is like 10-20ft depending on how strong you are at pulling the string back.

Tennis Launcher Video --- Demo of using device to launch a tennis ball ---

Pop can crusher demo video

Step 1: Materials

OK, the main material is something I have never before heard of but it does exists as I found two of them at a garage sale.
one - 2" long PVC Pipe (size depends on the next item)
one - Garage door deceleration dampers (No idea where to get one, Instead you can use a spring a pipe and a cap of some sort to be around the two inch size. It needs to be able to slide inside the 2" PVC Pipe)
one - 2" to 3/4"PVC DWV Reducing Coupling
one - 3 in. x 2 in. PVC DWV Reducing Coupling

PVC Cement and Primer
Spray Paint for Plastic
Dremel with bit (opt use a file)
Masking tape (Frog Tape)

Step 2: Remove Lip on 2in X 3/4 Reducing Fitting

The problem I had was that the pipe of the declaration dampers was around 3/4in. It would fit perfectly inside the reducing fitting if the little inside rim was removed. Use a dremel to remove the inside rim of the 3/4 in side. You should then be able to slide the pipe through.

Step 3: Build Stage

The Deceleration damper I found had a metal piece on it that was in the way. Using a sledge hammer, hammer down the lip that the metal piece can slide off and be removed.

Cut 2in pipe to be the size of deceleration damper from rubber stop to end of spring.
Glue the 2in x 3/4 reducing coupling onto the end of the 2in pipe.
Glue the 3in x 2in reducing coupling onto the other end of the 2in pipe.
Insert deceleration damper.

Turn the device that the 3x2 reducing coupling is on bottom. Pull the rod through the 3/4 side until spring starts to give tension. Duct tape the rod keeping it from moving back into the tube. This will keep the deceleration damper from launching with the tennis ball. Without the duct tape it will fall out of the tube.

Turn the device over that the 3in side is on top. Duct tape a square onto surface. This will keep the tennis ball in place for launching. 
To duct tape square:
Make four strips of duct tape slightly smaller than 3in. Fold the strips hotdog type. Will half half the width but still 3in long.
Apply tape to each edge of the strips.
Attach strips to edge of 3in pipe.
Will result in a square look.

Step 4: Spray Paint

Use plastic spray paint. Can be found at Home Depot or Lowes.
You can also use the primer for plastic and once dry any type of spray paint can then be applied afterwards. This is what I did yet I bought the clear primer and should have bought a white prime to cover up the words on the PVC.

Use masking tape and not duct tape in applying a design. Frog Tape is the better tape to use. The paint does not bleed past the tape.

Two Color Design:
Spray paint entire surface with one color.
Let dry. (Tape will rip off the paint if applied before the paint fully dries)

Apply masking tape (Frog Tape)  to where you want to keep the already applied color.
Spray paint entire surface with the other color.
Let dry.
Remove tape.

That's it. A two color design. I did not let my paint dry enough and am currently repainting. That is why I only show one color.

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