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Introduction: Pipe Loft Bed - Galvanized Steel

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Here is the pipe loft bed that I made. The original bed was created by Nerdologist, except mine is made out of galvanized steel pipe instead of black iron. Also, my bed is twin while Nerdologist's is full.

The original Instructable can be found here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Pipe-Loft-Bed/



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    I'm sorry but you couldn't pay me to sleep in that bed, or sit on that couch either for that matter. The bed looks ssooo flimsy! It just doesn't look like a safe arrangement to me. (Shudders)
    I do like that table though. Should paint the legs red, that would be so cool.
    Oh, and I like Frank too!

    Where is the cross brace? Look at scaffold and you will know what I mean.

    I wouldnt want to be a wild sleeper on this.

    Two questions: How much did it cost? Does it stand up to vigorous lot of movement?

    how high is you ceiling? It seems taller than mine which is 8ft

    Pretty cool! I need to make something like this for my 250 sq. ft wilderness lodge (once I build it, lol). When space is at a premium, vertical is the way to go! BTW how do the straps hold up? If it were me, I'd use a nylon webbing and weave it like a net. How does it sleep?

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    Thanks! The straps hold up great, there are 4 straps perpendicular to the long side of the bed, each being able to hold 1500 lbs. There are 2 straps going parallel to the long side, and they each can hold 1200 lbs. When you get on, the bed "sways" a little bed, I was worried that it was going to "swing" too much, but it turned out fine. The bed sleeps great too! I got a pillow top mattress and, although Nerdologist recommends a box spring, I don't have room. Hopefully it won't turn into a taco as she warns....

    My concern over time everything will loosen. You didn't place any bracing on the ends of the bed and it will develop wobble.
    If it hasn't done it yet it will also start to twist laterally as well.

    You would have been better to have built it out of wood; the price would have been about the same or go around looking for wood as I did at construction sites. " get permission first.".

    I built mine using 4x4 6' long for the legs and 2x4's. for the sides and bracing. The plywood used for the mattress base ( Temperpedic type from walmart way lighter than normal mattress ) base.

    I used bolts to hold the major parts together and am able to take it apart when moving.

    I can one day flip it over and make a canopy bed out of it when the flying blood suckers get to be too much.. Throw mosquito netting over it and watch the little buggers sit on it.and watch me. What's cool is in this configuration I can mount my lcd tv at the foot on the pillars.

    Hm, haven't had any problems so far (except i did put plyplywood under the mattress) Your bed sounds really cool too! More than one right way to do things :)
    Also, the TV mount would be great! I'd love to see some pics if you get time to do it. I just have my pc monitor in my room though, so i don't have a tv to mount. Thanks for your advice!

    I like the design, im thinking about doing something like that for my apartment. To protect your mattress from becoming a taco what about cutting some 1/2" plywood to go underneath the mattress

     I like it a lot! I was actually thinking of using this design to use to hang a hammock so that I wouldn't have to tap into studs!

     be careful about who sees that stop sign, I heard of someone getting charged with murder because someone died at an intersection a stop sign was stolen from.

    But I'm sure you bought yours =)

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    Haha, okay. They were in a pile behind a school they were doing construction on. They were with a bunch of trash and they got new signs, so I think they were getting rid of them.

    looks quite different but in some peoples eyes that could be a good thing good job

    reminds me of an army bunker... nice instructable

    There's no way all of my stuff will fit in there. I currently have a craptastic bed my dad got for free with some other stuff he bought at a garage sale