Pipe Revolver From Fallout

Introduction: Pipe Revolver From Fallout

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I am going to show you how I created the pipe revolver from Fallout for a Nick Valentine cosplay. I created this with the help of a laser, but it could be cut out with basic tools/saws if you have patience.

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Step 1: Template

like I said, I used a laser to help me out with the cutting. in order to do this I found a image online. I used this image to help me create a basic vector outline. I used Adobe Illustrator to create this. Tutorials will teach you how to create this.

Step 2: Cut It Out!

I used some composite 1/4" board that you can purchase at any Home Depot. I found my pieces in the scrap bin so they are weird shapes, sorry.

I cut out 3 sheets with a 60w laser which made this process way faster than using saws and hand tools.

if you look in the vector you will see I cut out extra bars, and caps to the bullet chamber. you will see why I did this in the next step.

Step 3: Layout

You can see the pieces layered here. You can use regular wood glue to secure all of these pieces.

Step 4: Going From 2d to 3d

While the pieces were being cut out I found a circular chunk of wooden dowel. I cut it to a 3 inch length and used a band saw to cut barrel notches in it, then sanded it down. This piece is important because it is what is going to really bring your revolver to life and give it depth.

Step 5: Put Everything Together

After gluing all 3 base layers together and gluing the extra smaller accent pieces symmetrical to each outside of the gun, I glued the caps to the bullet chamber. I drilled 1/2" holes in the bullet chamber to make it a bit more realistic looking. I only had one day to create this gun so I couldn't make the bullet chamber spin...maybe on another go. I glued the bullet chamber to the gun outline so everything is pretty solid.

After everything cured I took a Dremel and smoothed out everything. I rounded all of the corners and made some of the layers blend so that the barrels look more cylindrical. it is starting to look like a prop gun.

Step 6: Clean & Paint

I got some nice metallic spray paint in dark brown, gun metal, copper, and black. I based it in black and then lightly dusted all of the other colors ontop. It marbled really well doing this.

Step 7: Nice Touch

My husband and I are gun owners and I am a craft hoarder so naturally I had a bucket of bullet casings...I took some 9mm that fit nicely in the holes that I had previously drilled out. This is a nice touch that really isn't going to be seen by anyone but the cosplayer, but whatever. I secured them in place with a silicone base glue.

I put black banding around the handle of the gun, which is a signature of this gun. I covered up the handle supports with the electrical tape.

Step 8: That Is a Nice Looking Prop Gun!

The final prop is pretty satisfying seeing that I only had a day to create it. I seem that do that to myself alot actually...This gun over all only took 5 hours to create including dry time...you are probably looking at a good day and a half if you had to use a scroll saw and other tools vs. the laser.

let me finish this off with a warning.
Bathesda WILL send you a letter and warning. They are on it...so...just throwing that out there.

I made this gun for my husband who wanted to be Nick Valentine for Phoenix Comicon. I will post his outfit later.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!


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    6 weeks ago

    Looks awesome, one question, did they (Bethesda) ever get on your tail about something like making and seeking fallout props etc.?


    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    Can you please upload the blueprint that you used so that I can use it, I have no clue how to use Adobe Illustrate, and none of the tutorials online are helping.