Tobacco Pipe Stand From Unused Wi-Fi Router Stand

A few months ago I bought my first pipe and I decided I would like a nice stand to put it on. Whilst clearing out my room I found the unused stands for an old Netgear Router I had lying about and decided they would be perfect for making my pipe stand. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

If you've got a Netgear wireless router like the one pictured, chances are you'll also have the two stands which can be used to prop it up vertically. They're also pictured below. You'll also need some super glue.

Step 2: What to Do

Take one of the stands and bend the parts that hold the router inwards. They are a bit stiff so start gentle incase you over do it and they snap. When you've done this put them together and put super glue along the edge. The second picture explains this better.

Step 3: The Finished Stand

Once the glue has dried you can now use your stand.



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