Fun Pipe Cleaner Braclet

Introduction: Fun Pipe Cleaner Braclet

This awesome (unless you are allergic to pipe cleaners) "fancy" bracelet is really easy, customizable, and perfect for gifts!

Age Groups 5+

What you need is:

*At least two pipe cleaners. (found most likely at your craft store)

*Beads (optional) (possibly pearler beads or wide holed beads)

*ANIMAL BEADS!!! (optional)

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Step 1: Begin!

Get two (or more) pipe cleaners.

Make then parallel

Step 2: Twist Twist Twist!

The title says it all.

Twist until you only have a 1\5 of the pipe cleaners left.

Now separate them

Step 3: Creative Time!

Do something with one of the ends. Well? What are you waiting for? Do it!

Next, unravel the other end the same way you did the first time.

Do the same thing as you did up there. ^

Step 4: Twist Again!

We are almost done!

All we need to do now of the non optional steps is:

• Cross over the leftover pip cleaner tips.

• Twist them over and over till it's done

Step 5: Finishing Up!

As you can see by the pictures, I have made two, but as you can also see one has more.

All you need to do is:

• get/cut a pipe cleaner

• wrap an end around someplace on the bracelet.

• Continue as a regular charm as you did before

You are finished

Enjoy/share your bracelet!

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