Pipette Holder

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If you ever have to dispense small quantities of water or other fluids for this or that project or task, pipettes are great. A lot of the time, you can reuse pipettes, but it's often a pain to wash them. You can make a pipette holder for your most commonly used fluids to dry and reuse pipettes. This instructable shows you how.

Step 1: Measure & Mark

In this step, measure and mark a piece of wood for the pipette holder. You'll need to:

  1. Use a rule and measure the distance between adjacent pipettes.
  2. Mark a piece of (roughly) 1/2" x 3/4" x 5" piece of with crosshairs for drilling.

Step 2: Drill

In this step, drill the crosshairs:

  1. Indent the wood with something sharp.
  2. Drill pilot holes.
  3. Expand the holes.
  4. Drill final holes.

Step 3: Finish

In this step, finish up the holder:

  1. Check the pipette fit.
  2. Label fluids.
  3. Put double-sided foam-tape on the backside.
  4. Stick to workbench.

Now you can discard fewer pipettes for whatever projects you frequently work on.



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