Pirate Fort, Ship and Desert Island




About: I'm a graduate student with WSU, I like to do things myself...unfortunately I seldom remember to take pictures while doing a project! I'm working on it though. I am addicted to plant science, and love DIY ...

I remembered when I was a kid and LEGO had the pirate sets that were soo cool!  I haven't seen a pirate set in a long time and my little boy really loves pirates, so we made our own pirate stuff.

Step 1: Ship

The main deck swings open to the brig and crew sleeping areas.  The steering platform opens to the captains quarters.

Step 2: Desert Island

I used a regular sand colored base platform and put flat blue pieces on it to make the shape I wanted.

Step 3: Pirate Fort

The pirate fort is made using the large rocks for underwater sets and the winch for lifting cargo.



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