Pirate Jesus




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Intro: Pirate Jesus

Have a crucifix with Jesus's head broke off? Or if your not that religious you can even cut his head off, I used an old crucifix and a pirate skull keychain to make pirate Jesus. It wasn't made to offend as Pirates need someone to pray to as well.

Step 1: Glue Head Onto Cross

I used a speed set epoxy and glued my little pirate head in place.

Step 2: Paint

I painted his head black, then dry brushed grey to match the body. Finishing with a coat of clear coat. Enjoy.



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    1 year ago

    Looking for Designer:

    The Holy Spirit brought me to this site and we are in need of some assistance. All help is greatly appreciated. First off the project that needs to be designed is a crucifix. However, it will not only have Jesus on the cross, it should also include an octagon shape of Mary around the edge of the cross touching the four sides of the crucifix. The quick overview would be as follows; on top of this Octagon mold should be the mold of Mary. Then as you move down the octagon mold the sides of the octagon will turn into her arms, and the bottom her hands and fingers. Also would be good if the head of Mary was overlapping her arm as if laying down on it so that her head remains on the octagon mold and doesn't protrude off of the sides. Please if you are reading this and think this is something you could design and maybe would. Please take that added Leap of Faith and send me some more information about the design. A simple design is best, and in the end multiple crucifixes would be needed. Also, the fee for this would be the fair wages deserved for the project. Thank you and please email me back at mckeonj1@gmail.com God Bless!


    2 years ago



    3 years ago

    My thoughts exactly , no offence intended, thanks for sharing

    Very appropiate, since the roman catholic church "borrowed" several gods and heathen customs over the centuries for their own gain. I especially love the one with the pirate hat.

    ow and as a roman catholic i'm not offended and i don't find it disrespectful to use religious icons in art.


    4 years ago

    This is the most mentalist brutalist jesus I have laid my eyes on \m/


    4 years ago

    Thank you for caring enough to share;)