Pirate Key Hook




Here's Yar Keys!!!

Step 1: Materials Used

1-3/4" brass cup hook
1-#6 brass finish washer
1-small brass screw eye
1- 8" X 6" wood plaque (approx)
1-picture hook
2-screws for picture hook
1-graphite paper (size of picture)
1-picture of a pirate
1-woodburner tool

Step 2: Getting the Pirate Picture Onto Your Wood.

Once you have your pirate picture sketched or picked out you can get him onto your wood piece by using graphite paper. The main thing is to make sure the hook is going to be near center since it will be holding the weight of your keys or belongings. You can off center the hook if you want but you will have to make up for it on the back of the piece with two picture hangers side by side. Cutting the picture out can help with the positioning and makes it a bit less cumbersome. Place the graphite paper (shiny side down). Once your happy with the position start tracing out your picture. Using a different color pencil or pen can insure you don't miss any spots as it will be hard to replace it back in the same exact spot if you missed some lines. Once this is done you can begin wood burning or whatever medium you choose. A decent artist may be able to skip this step and draw directly on the wood piece.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Once your picture is ready you can put the finishing touches. If you want to stain or paint do it before placing the hardware on it. Place the washer on the screw of the cup hook and twist it down into the wood. Twist the small eye hook into the ear and instant earring! Last put your picture hook on the back and "Here's yar keys!". Hope you enjoyed and have fun creating.



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