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Introduction: Pirate Map

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When kid, I used to make my own pirate maps painting a paper with brown shoe polish and burning the edges, but they always ended turn apart, so I make my cousin a durable one made of a piece of khaki fabric  I found.

Step 1: Your Design

First, draw the map on paper, i traced Costa Rica from a real map to include it. I came with the idea of make the islands look like an ouroboros, the dragon that bites his tail. And after ending the map, trace it on the fabric.

Step 2: Paint the Land

Shade a little the land with an old pilot so it won't stand out a lot and delineate it with a green pilot.

Step 3: Details

Then draw some sea creatures, ships and a wind rose.

Step 4: Shoe Polish

Now paint the map with the shoe polish. After that, I splashed it a little with some brown ink I had to make it look dirtier.

Step 5: Burn It

Carefully burn the edges of the map and maybe some holes to make it more real.

Step 6: Last Touch

To make it cooler, put tubes on the sides of the map.
I glued a brochette stick to the map so the tube won't come off.

Step 7: Finished

Decorate the tubes and put a string to tie up the map.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    But where is the big X that marks the spot?!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sneaky! :)

    It is however a very nice looking map