Pirate Invitations ( Wax Seal )




My DIY for Pirate invitations with a skull Wax Seal

My son is turning one and I wanted to have one cool pirate party.
(I love pirates) - So this is how I made the invitations its simple well.....
I wanted to make a cool Wax Seal on them. If I could not do that then I would have to find some thing else. That is why its my first step&. Now there are a few cool seals that are out there but nothing that I wanted, so with a few Ideas I set off on a DIY project and well my cool Skull and Bones carved in wood looked cool but did not work and well dont try Play dough but the Play dough idea did lead to this bead clay that you bake and that is what work for me.

Step 1: Make the Seal 1

Mold this clay so you have a handle, this will let you push down and pull up

Step 2: Make the Seal 2

I found a Skull Ring and you just press it into the clay
I made two and found that the deeper one ended up looking the best.

Once you get it where you like it bake it and it turns hard.

Step 3: Why Is Paper So Much Fun to Look At...

Now that you have that made, find some cool map paper this one is a card stock and it has a ye oldie look
I found that for 50 sheets are about the same price as the a ream (250) now I have paper to use for name tags or some thing.

Make your invitations you can print or draw your

Step 4: Every One Loves FIRE

Every good map has burnt edges I used a torch
it was fast
(I folded them before so I could use the straight edge)
this is how I folded it....

Step 5: Wax Wax and More Wax

Now make your wax if you get it from a craft store you pay.... but I found that if you use paraffin wax and Crayons and it works this is about 3/4 a box with 3 or so red and one silver

Make your wax so its not to hot. I found that it worked best if you can make a glob.

Make your glob.

Stamp or (seal) your letter or what ever you have.

Your Done!!!



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    You can get terrific cheap rings for this sort of project at a "head shop".
    Waaay back in high school I had a pentagram ring that made a very impressive wax seal (it was bought as a novelty in the Hallowe'en spirit, but, of course caused quite the small town stir.)


    9 years ago on Step 5

    Be really careful melting wax directly on the stove like this. It's a lot safer to use a double boiler. Much smaller chance of starting a fire.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Whoa. I think you are on to something there with the skull stamp you made. To purchase those things cost at least $10 and the instructables on here require power tools and carving and such.

    Your method seems incredibly easy to produce a pretty wicked result. The pictures are a bit dark so its hard to tell the quality of your finished seal but dang. I wish I had though of this before I went and dropped 16 bucks on supplies. ~

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     Thanks, it was a lot of fun trying to think of how to do it - trying to carve it  was not much fun with no quality but this did work  there is better instructables for  the wax now.....   once again the picture is still not a great one  but it is a little better....... this is a extra one i have in my work cubicle 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You can use coffee to brown the paper to make it look older


    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you want to age your paper try using thinner paper, then crumple and uncrumple it a few times and mist it with tea that steeped way too long. the tea darkens the paper and will be more readily absorbed into the areas weakened by the crumpling to look like aging and dirt.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That is a good idea. For this one I just made the "grime" in PhotoShop.