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About: I work for a charity most of the time but when i,m not i am a wood tuner, former teacher, artist and prop maker, developer and researcher residing in the UK. I cannot think of anything better than the excite...

I was working on a design for a secret opening box and clumsily glued the secret opening shut resulting in a wooden cube. I have had an idea in the back of my head for a while to create some funky looking game dice. My original idea was to set up a series of jigs and cut the dice almost like gems.

This being said having a wooden box gave me a fun opportunity to play with one of my ideas.

Here it is. (its not the best work iv ever done but it was fun)

Step 1: Sketch Out Your Design

OK heads up.. I'm gunny assume you can make a cube yourself an just want a heads up on the design an burn.

Dice always have the opposing numbers adding up to 7 .. Ie 6 will be opposite 1 , 5 will be opposite 2 4 will be opposite 3. once you have this in mind you should be able to work out which side to put each number.

If not then copy from any dice you can find.

I used coins to draw around for the numbers and then added details to make it look a bit more interesting.

Step 2: Start to Go Over the Lines.

With a soldering iron, pyrography kit or hot poker (this type of work used to be done using a hot poker) trace over the lines

Step 3: Continue Lining Until the Job Is Done

I Had a cup of tea an watched some football before coming back to finish off the lineing.

(Its a good idea to think about getting some ventilation going on. sucking in smoke isn't fun for lungs)

Step 4: Ink an Finnish

I suspected it would be a good idea to make the dots a little easier to see.

Luckily the burn from pyrography forms a barrier so no leaking out when inking or staining.

I colored in the dots using a sharpy marker (any brand will do) (or im sure you could use a paint brush or rolled up tissue paper)

I then gave a ruff finnish of sanding sealer.. but really its down to taste an what you have available.
I thought the project had a bit of a ruff feel to it an thought sanding seal was all that's needed.

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