Pistol Grip for Wiimote




Absolutely indispensible for shooting games on the Wii. Makes Red Steel infinitely more fun.

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Step 1: Get the Materials


AXE shower gel, 12 oz. bottle
2 rubber bands
scissors (possibly a knife)

Step 2: Get Clean!

Get clean, the cleanest you've ever been with this 12 ounces of cleaning goodness. After you finish this instructable, you'll be too busy to shower so shower now WITH REVITALIZING OXYGEN (?!)

Step 3: Trace

Clean? Good. Rinse the bottle out as much as you can. Some soap will inevitably be left in there for now, but no worries. Trace your Wiimote onto the bottom corners of the bottle.

Step 4: Cut Plastic, Not Yourself

Okay, so this bottle is one tough mother. I punctured the middle of the bottom, worked the scissors to the ends, then it was pretty easy to cut around the edges. A sharp knife may definitely be helpful in this part. Just cut the bottom out (as shown in the picture) then work your way along the lines you drew. Also, you might want to put 2 quarter-inch slits along each side where the line starts to curve to allow for the bottle to flex around the Wiimote.

Step 5: Rubber Band Man

Rinse out the bottle and slide the Wiimote into the top. Take off the cap of the bottle and put two rubber bands so they're stuck between the cap and the body of the bottle, then wrap them up to the top around the Wiimote (one should end up going over the word "HOME" and the other just above the 1 button).

You're done! Red Steel should now be vastly more fun, on both the sword and gun parts.

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    42 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. I am thinking about trying to make a pvc pipe stock, so you can use It like a rifle. After six years in the ARMY I'm used to swinging an M-16 around.

    mr. popo

    12 years ago on Introduction

    i made a wii zapper out of knex and it looks and feels like the real thing i might make instructions for it

    1 reply

    well what are you gunna do until then. I'm only gunna use this till the zappe comes out and i'll probibly get the zapper for christmas so this will work in the Mean time. Another thing if you spraypaint the AXE bottle white i'll match more.

    ye it ok but theres only one contest at the moment, but nintendo said hopefully there should be at least 4 contests running simultaneosly. ye lol i like it when you can download others mii's i downloaded michael jackson lol.and theres kenny aswell LOL


    12 years ago on Introduction

    lol nice, im trying to do this with knex, nintendo is planning to make plastic molds though, 1 to look like the origonal nes zapper and another to look semi like a tmp, im not sure when its comin out, oh yeah and i almost forgot that gutar hero for wii will have a gutar mold 2... (go ahead wiki it)

    1 reply