Piston With Connecting Rod Key Ring

Intro: Piston With Connecting Rod Key Ring

I search an original idea about a special key ring, a key ring for mechanicians and people who like mechanics.

For that I used a small piston with connecting rod .I found this piston in a small jack hammer broken.

Step 1: Material :

1:Piston with connecting rod

2:Key Ring

Step 2: Searching for Small Piston With Connecting Rod

I don't have a picture for the jackhammer,but i can give you an information just search in small jackhammers broken ( jackhammer of 4kg).You can find two kinds of piston with connecting rod in small jackhammers:

you can find plastic piston and plastic rod or steel piston and steel rod.

In my opinion , i prefer the steel .

Step 3: Assembling the Piston and the Key Ring

In the final step, i assembled the piston with connecting rod with the key ring and I get a piston with connecting rod key ring .



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    4 months ago

    What a fun idea & gift for a machine friend! Good job!

    th 2.jpeg

    4 months ago

    thank u so much for the instructions.. i would have never figured that one out...