Pixelated Figure of Purple (Day of the Tentacle)

We made this figure of Purple from Day of the Tentacle (DOTT) with about 700-800 "pixels". Every polystyrene"pixel" was handpainted  to get an uneven grain at each area.

1. We took an image of some old school pc game. We loved DOTT; We were clear to bring purple onto our wall pretty soon. I took the image and rendered it in photoshop with less pixels and a restricted amount of colors. (we took 4 colors: purple (obviously ^^), dark green, light green and black) Based on this image we made a blueprint.
2. In order to get perfect squares we decided to order them on ebay. (you may also get these pixels at your local DIY-store.
3. After counting the amount of pixels per color we started handpainting every pixel. This was definitely one of the most exhaustive parts of our work, nevertheless I really like the effect and I think it was worth it.
4. We decided to glue them in rows together. You should do it just as like. This ensures that you have a perfect edge. You should also notice that if you do not glue the rows together immediately, sometimes they distort and you have to split it into parts again. 

(Copyright of Purple and DOTT lies by Lucasarts; This work is a piece of decoration meant as fair use)

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    2 years ago

    I've played day of the tentacle, but I didn't finish it.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet!  I'd forgotten all about DOTT. 
    In the early 'nineties I was working for a company which wrote the floppies this came on.