Pixelling for Beginners




Introduction: Pixelling for Beginners

This is a tutorial to teach the art of pixelling. Pixel art is created from square pixels of every color to form a (usually miniature) image.

Pixelling is something anyone can do, even small children, and what you need is just a simple program - MS Paint.

This tutorial was created by me 6 years ago and teaches you how to make a simple cute blob pixel in 15 minutes flat. As you get used to the idea of pixelling, you can even move on to creating gifs out of the pixel images (I may make a tutorial soon on how to make a gif)

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Step 1: Opening Up MS Paint

Click on start in your browser and then programs.
Click on accessories and then on Paint.
When you have opened up Paint,click on "attributes".

Step 2: Preparing to Pixel

Put 11 as the width and 7 as the height.
Make sure the units is "pixels"
and the colour is "colour"
Click on the magnifying glass and press 8x

Step 3: Finished Work

Click on the pencil and choose black as your colour.
Press ctrl G on your keyboard to see the grid.
Start drawing your own picture or if you want, you can follow the example above.

Step 4: Finishing Your Work

Remember to press the magnifying glass and put to 1x

You're done!
This is a good activity to do on rainy days when you have to stay at home or when you have a creative spark going on.

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