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Introduction: Pixtrig - Take Exciting Pictures With This Camera Trigger

PixTrig is a camera trigger with a very simple user interface, a button , two led’s and a piezo speaker. The micro-controller used is a Picaxe 20×2 and the unit is battery powered. The lack of display and simple UI makes the construction very easy.

All this simplicity doesn't mean however that the unit lacks features. The current software has many trigger functions including One Shot, Light and Sound, Lightning, Light barrier, Interval and Manual/Bulb. It also has built in a Water Drops function which when combined with a simple external circuit driving a water valve and flash some spectacular photos may be taken.

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Step 1: Construction

Construction of this project is very straightforward , a Picaxe20x2 and a handful of components. The prototype was built on vero board and assembled into a small case available from Altronics however the lack of multiple switches and lcd display  etc.  means that it would be possible to assemble into anything you may have to hand.

Step 2: Software

The code for the picaxe micro controller is loaded by via the free programming editor from the Picaxe site .

The user interface for the trigger is via two LED's a push button and a piezo speaker. The unit may also be connected via the programming port to a program such as Hyper Terminal which provides a text based feedback display but it is not necessary for normal operation making the unit totally portable.

Built in functions are : High speed One shot, Repeat, Sound and light Trigger, Digital input trigger, Water Drops mode, Time interval trigger and Manual/Bulb mode. There is a built in configuration mode to pre-set timings and options.

Complete Code listing, schematic and user documentation is available from my website.

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    2 Discussions

    cool! you said that this has a light trigger mode, where is the light sensor? what type of sensor is it?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi amandaghassaei, thanks for your comments.
    Any sensor you wish to use may be plugged into the Sensor/Power socket. During testing I used a wide range photo diode (450-1100nm) which gave very good results. The circuitry has a resolution of about 3mV and the code is constantly amending the baseline. The software responds to a changing signal greater than the threshold set (default is ~ 60mV) within the sample loop time (~600 uSec). This will allow photos of Lightning in daylight for example.
    The Balloon and Popper pictures were taken with an Electret Microphone module and remote Flash on minimum power triggered by Pixtrig, camera shutter was set to 2 sec was manually triggered just prior to popping the balloon.
    I have added a schematic of the sensor connections in the Pixtrig downloads on my site plus sensor data.