Ping Pong Paddle and Net!




Dear people,

In this instructable I will show you how to make a ping pong paddle and a net using the cardboard of a single pizza box.

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Step 1: What Are You Going to Make?

Step 2: Eat Your Pizza

Eat and enjoy your pizza!

Step 3: Gather the Supplies

You will need:

- an empty pizza box

- double-sided tape (or glue)

- a sheet of paper

- a pair of scissors or a cutter knife

- sandpaper or PVC tarpaulin

- pencil and/or a pen

Step 4: Unfold and Cut

unfold the box and cut it in half.

Step 5: Make a Template

draw the contours of a paddle on the sheet of paper. (you can also print one)

cut out your template, make sure its is symmetric! (fold it in half, as in the images, and make sure the halves match)

then you place the template on the box and marke the contours on the box. (do this two times)

TIP: take the least greasy part of the box to make the paddle, (you are going to hold this part)

TIP: make sure the nerves of the cardboard run in the length of the paddle, its makes it stronger

Step 6: Cut

cut out the paddles

Step 7: Stick the Paddles Together

attach some double-sided tape on one side of one paddle.

lay the other paddle on the one with the tape, do this carefully

trim off excess cardboard if needed

Step 8: Applying Grip

now use your paddle as a template for the PVC canvas ot the sandpaper

mark the contours


and apply to the paddle

Step 9: Reinforcement

you can make your paddle stronger by adding a layer of cardboard at the handle

Step 10: The Net

start by trimming of the edges as shown on the image

Step 11: The Middle

mark the middle of your net

draw a line

cut through the first layer of the cardboard


Step 12: The Attachment

mark the attachment (about 6 cm or 2.4 in)



Step 13: Slots

mark the slots (halfway through the flaps)


you can make the opening a bit bigger to make the attaching easier

Step 14: Fold and Lock

fold the cardboard

and lock it by sliding the slots in to each other

Step 15: Testing

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