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Introduction: Pizza Math

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• Title: Pizza Math

• Intro
-This is a fun lesson to help children with adding up to 10. You will need a variety of materials. In this instructable, I will list what I used in the general model, feel free to add to the materials list. 

• Materials Needed
-Construction Paper
-Glitter Glue
-Colored Pencils
-Pipe Cleaners (if feeling very creative ;) )
-Glue ( Both Liquid and Stick)

• Steps
1. Take the both brown and red circles and glue them together. 
-You can let the children decorate the crust.
2. Cut the cheese pieces. These will not be used in the addition portion of the project because the pieces total more than 10. At this point we want to stay within a group of numbers that children know. 
3. Cut other ingredients.
4. Call out a math problem for each ingredient. 
- With each ingredient, have the students glue them to the "crust with sauce".

• Tips & Tricks
-Let the children have a variety of colors when it comes to their ingredients. This makes their pizzas personal and it lets them be creative. 
-The children can help create the cheese as well. Create small triangles and have the children cut them out.
-Add a variety of colors for the ingredients. Don't be afraid to step away from the traditional colors for 

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