Pizza ( Pizza Hut Style)

Introduction: Pizza ( Pizza Hut Style)

A very Delicious and easy pizza hut style pizza with cheesy bites on sides is right here for you all.

You will love to make it and will enjoy with your friends and family at any occasion or without any occasion.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Step 1: Ingredients


(For Dough) 1. All purpose flour- 450 grams

2. Salt- less than 1 tsp

3. Dry Yeast- 1 tsp

( for Sauce)

1. Chicken boneless- half of chicken breast(150- 200 grams)

2. oregano- 1 tsp

3. rosemary- a pinch

4.tandoori masala- less than 1/2 tsp

5.salt - 1tsp

6. Black pepper / red chilli powder- less than 1/2 tsp

7. Paprika- 1/2 tsp

8. garam masala powder- less than1/2 tsp ( optional)

9. lemon juice- 1 tsp

10. mozzarella cheese- 200 grams

11.Tomato Paste-1 1/2 tbsp

12. Tomato ketchup-1 tbsp

13.Tomatoes ( sliced)-1 small size

14. onions ( sliced)-1 medium size

15. Bell pepper (Sliced)-1 medium size

16.oil- 2 tbsp

Step 2: Method

( Method For Sauce)

Add in chicken salt little bit paprika powder , tandoori masala powder, garam masala powder and lemon juice and mix well and keep it aside .

Now heat the pan add in 2 tbsp of oil , when oil is hot add the chicken and cook till it change its color . Now add onions, bell pepper, and tomatoes to it.

Give a stir.

Now add the oregano and rosemary .

Mix all well. After a min add tomato sauce and tomato ketchup.

Mix well and add the remaining salt. Cook it for a little while and then take it out in a dish.

( To Make the Pizza )

Roll the dough and make it smooth.

Take 3/4 of the dough and roll it with a rolling pin . Spread it on your baking pizza pan and stuff the mozzarella cheese on the sides and roll the sides ( that is cover it) .

Now to make the pizza hut style pattern on it , cut the side after 5 cm difference before cutting the next part ( you can see that in the video above) .

Now twist all the rolling sides.

This will give a lovely pattern to your pizza dough.Now add the sauce in middle of dough and add mozzarella cheese on top of it and bake it for 20 to 25 mins at 220 degree Celsius .

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