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Introduction: Placemat Chandelier

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This is my very fist Instructable. It was a fun project that took about 6-8 hours to complete and was literally made from items in my apartment that I was initially going to throw away.


1) 10 wooden coat hangers (the pant rods removed)

2) Hot glue gun

3) 3 all wooden place-mats

4) Bed Bath & Beyond wooden string ball light set.

Hope you enjoy or become inspired!

Step 1: Coat Hangers & Place Mats

Grab a wooden coat hanger and any flexible and rollable placemat. Separate the pant part of the wooden coat hanger from hanger.

Step 2: Hanger Rod Into Placemat

Roll the placemat around the coat hanger rod & secure with hot glue

Step 3: Add Coat Hanger Rod to Other Side of Placemat

Repeat the same step but on the other side. Be sure to leave the same amount of coat hanger exposed on this side as you did the other. It won't be completely rolled into the placemat.

Step 4: Add Another Rod Connecting the Two Wrapped in the Placemat

Add another rod connecting the two wrapped in the placemat. I used hot glue but any adhesive would work.

Step 5: Now Attach One of the Placemat Pieces to Another Placemat

Now attach one of the placemat pieces to Another placemat. I used hot glue and had to hold in place.

Step 6: Repeat But on Other Side

Turn it over once secure and find a way to balance it while working. I used a counter-top and an ironing board. Now, creating an X attach the other placemat piece to the other side. It should start to resemble a satellite.

Step 7: Cut Out a Section of Placemat for Hanging

Cut out a section of placemat for hanging and thread a hook through it.

Step 8: Now Hang and Wrap a Light Source

Now hang and wrap a light source. Find a way to hang and string light source around it. NOTE: the hot glue won't hold it completely strong so it's important while you wrap that you wrap in a way that the lights will better secure the shape of it.

Step 9: Add Extra Coat Hanger Pieces to End of Arms

You will notice that the ends of the arms of the satellite will be drooping in towards each other. To remedy, break off two more coat hanger rods and cut them down to size (on one side only). You are cutting them as to fit between the ends of the wrapped placemats between the rolled parts. It will help keep a nice flat square shape to them.

Step 10: Finished Product

Done! For lighting I used a bed bath and beyond string ball light set.

Hope you enjoyed or were inspired!

Happy creating!

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