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Introduction: Plague Doctor Costume

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Halloween Time!

Step 1: The Pattern

Ok, I wanted something creepy for Halloween.

Enter the Plague Doctor.

To start I wanted the mask made out of leather, I had some scrap leather from other projects, So why not?

The pattern came from Etsy: and cost me $7.00

It was worth it. I glued the pattern to the leather with rubber cement. It held just long enough to cut out the pattern. Then I used some leather tools to punch the holes to sew things together. Because nothing looks as creepy as sewn skins.

Step 2: Sew, Sew, Sew

Great, now I have Sing, Sing, Sing stuck in my head.

I bought a leather sewing kit. Pretty cheap, and made the job a LOT easier. (proper tools for the job?)

Step 3: Eyes

For the eyes, I cut out the circles and stitched them to the mask. The lenses were from a cheap pair of sunglasses that I got at a wedding.

The sunglasses lasted longer than the marriage. Using a belt sander, I shaped them to fit inside the circle and then sewed the circle shut. (more creepiness.)

Step 4: Head Strap

It has to stay on somehow right?

Some leather and rivets. The hardest part to find was the buckle, craft stores around me just didn't carry them. So I found one on-line.

Step 5: Man Needs a Hat!

This was simple. Cut out a circle, then cut out the center and fit the ring over your head. Once you're happy cut a strip of leather for the hight of hat you want.

Bang holes with the punches, and stitch it all together.

I then used some leather dye and made it black. PUT NEWSPAPER DOWN!! This will stain a carpet! (ask me how I know.)

Step 6: Accessories!

Here's what I added next.

From a chemical supply company, some thick rubber gloves and a vinyl apron. Think of stuff for a butcher or someone who cleans out a gas station toilet.

From a thrift store, I scored a leather jacket and a leather vest! Major win and the ensemble cost me only $30.00. The woman behind the counter pointed out that the leather jacket's pockets were torn out. Didn't matter to me.

MEAT SYRINGE! Oh holy yipes. Big dangerous pointy thing. But man it looks right. I sanded off the sharp end and glued up a safety ball, just to keep it from poking anything.

Black jeans and black boots!

Oh and a belt to wrap around it. The jacket came with a belt, but I chose to use a brown leather belt and then hung various things from it. Satchels, pouch, herbs, bone saw. You know, more creepy things.


Step 7: Final!

What, you want a picture?



Well, ok. I had a few people ask nicely. So this is just for you, don't show anybody. I know you'll understand.

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Spooky and horrifying. And fantastic. Well done!

Great! Very excited to try it out.

Amazing!!!! Perfect costume and it happens to be the one i wanted to be this year for halloween... Both my mom and i were tryin to find a way to make it and this will help alot with that. Thanks soo much for posting this.

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So far everyone who has seen it, has been really creeped out by it. So I consider it a complete success. Plus I can breath in it and see quite well.

Oh and just an additional note, I'm wearing a black Instructables hoodie!

(you'll notice the white tie strings and zipper)


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folks who really get into halloween are my favorite people. looking forward to the big reveal.

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Thank you! I'll be adding a few saws and other baubles on the belt to increase the creep factor.

Thank you. My wife won't let me wear it home.

I can't wait to see the final result! Awesome job!

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