Plague Doctor Mask for Halloween




I wish I took more pictures. This only took a few days.

1. I made the face by pressing a sheet of tin foil on my face and paper mache-ing the mold.

2. Then I twisted up some newspaper and taped it together to form the nose. I had to carve out the side-curves myself.

3. To make the goggles, I cut a sheet of paper into strips and glued them together in a very thick circle. I then cut it in half to make both eyes. The lenses are black plastic from an extra pair of sunglasses (hot glued on).

4. After taping that to the face, I coated the whole thing with ultralight spackle ($7 at Lowes).

5. I painted the mask with white and black poster paint and sprayed it with clear Rustoleum enamal ($4)

6. I cut some holes on the sides for the elastic band

Finished! It's for sale right now, here:

hanks for looking!



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I am working on a Plague Doctor mask at the moment.
    I will try and publish the instructable next week.