Plague Doctor Mask Tutorial

Introduction: Plague Doctor Mask Tutorial

About: I love making old school steampunk and midevil props.(plague doctor, cool goggles, nice weapons, etc.) I also like futuristic props as well.(Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001 Space Oddessey, laser weapons, etc....

The Plague Doctor mask is a very mysterious mask. It looks... odd. And it just seems cool. So... BUILD ONE! And if you don't know how, you've come to the right place!



Hot Glue

Craft Foam

Tupperware (Optional)

A Face

Velcro (Optional)

Paint (Whatever color you want)

Step 1: The Beak

Get some craft foam(the thin kind) and cut out a shape like this. Make sure it fits you/your clients face before you glue anything. Then, cut it out. After that's done, trace it, and cut another.

Step 2: Assembly of the Beak

Glue the tabs to the other half so that they are aligned. Once that's done, glue the Matrix pill to the tip of the beak. This will keep the whole thing together. After that, put glue along the inside seam of the beak. DON'T FORGET TO CUT HOLES IF YOU ADD A BOTTOM!!!

Step 3: Finishing Touches on the Beak Section

Now is when you can add things like rivets, gears, or whatever you like. Just remember that we're going to be painting this later on.

Step 4: The Goggles

For this part we're going to need that Tupperware. If you don't have any, ask your grandma. If SHE doesn't have any, find a plastic container of some sort.

Draw a circle that will fit your eye on the plastic, and cut it out.

Trace this one on to the plastic, and cut it out also.

Now color them with a Sharpie, or dye them if you have the time.(Yes, you CAN see through these.)

Step 5: The Goggles (Part 2)

Trace the lenses from the last step onto some craft foam.

Now, draw a slightly bigger circle around it.

Cut it out.

Make 2 more.

Make sure the inner circle is on the two new ones as well.

Now, cut a hole just inside the first circle.

Glue the lens over the hole.

Now take the second pair and sandwich the lens.

Make sure they work for you.

Step 6: The Goggles (Part 3)

Make a piece of foam that looks like this and glue it to the part of the beak that would touch your nose.

Glue the lenses to it.

You COULD do actual goggles but my client is a 4-year old so... it's just easier.

Step 7: The Strap.

There's many ways you can do a strap. You can have it go around the sides to the back of your head, attach it to a hat, or do it Bane-style, which is what i chose for this one.

Step 8: Paint!

I'm going to paint this one black, but remember you can paint it whatever color you want.

The main colors for this particular mask are black, white, tan, brown. You can also do silver, gold, and bronze if your going for the Steampunk look.

If you paint it black or white, the lenses can be any color including black.

Tan and Brown's best colors are red and black, but you can see what works for you.

If you go for Steampunk, it's free range. Whatever makes it feel more Steampunk.

Step 9: WEAR IT!

Whether it's a costume party, prop for a video, etc., you can use this mask anytime!


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    Thanks! This is my first instructable so far. Glad to see people like it!