Plain or Sultana "Scones" Recipe - Easy, Cheap, & Coincidentally Vegan


Introduction: Plain or Sultana "Scones" Recipe - Easy, Cheap, & Coincidentally Vegan

*All ingredients details & step by step guide are in the video above*

I have been on a mission to create the cheapest and easiest baking recipes. This is one of my favorites.

I use the quotation marks around the word "scones", because to cut costs and to make the recipe super simple, I've taken out the butter, the eggs, the milk or cream. So do they still qualify as scones? Hmmm. And because of these exclusions, they turned out to be vegan. (Although I do recommend serving them with a generous amount of butter or clotted cream. :P)

Anyhow, the important question is, are they tasty or even edible??? Amazingly, YES! And they're surprisingly like the "real" ones. The inside is soft and tender much like a normal scone. The outside is noticeably crustier and crunchier. Best (more like "must be") served fresh and warm. Perfect with a cup of tea.

I hope you give this recipe a try!



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    British term for 'cup of tea'. :)
    I have a very confused range of vocabulary (and accent), as I was born in Asia, grew up mostly in America, and now living in England (have been for many years).

    They look lovely! I especially like that they don't have any dairy in them - favoriting so I can try this later :)

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