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This time I want to make a planer stand. My planer has been sit on the ground for a while since I bought it. Now it’s the time to make a stand for it. I want to make the stand either has the storage function and can be mobility. You can find the plan here.

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Step 1: Cut the Boards

I used 18mm thick birch plywood to make the outside of the stand. I first used a circular saw to rough cut the material. Then I used the table saw to cut it to the final size. After all the material is cut, I remeasure the pieces to make sure all the size is correct.

Step 2: Cut the Finger Joints (or Box Joints)

I first draw the lines on the boards, then cut it off with a bandsaw. The thickness of the board should be the same as the width of the fingers. Since my band saw is only an 8” wide mode. I draw the plans on both sides so I can flip it over when cutting the other side.

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces

I assemble the pieces with wood glue. And clamp it to reinforce the structure. I drill several holes on the edge and smash in the dowels. After the glue dry. I trilled off the excess with a pull saw. I sand the body thoroughly to achieve a smooth outlook.

Step 4: Assemble the Backboard and Wheels

The backboard is roughly cut to fit on the body. I predrilled a few holes and use some screws to fasten. Then I use a router to trim off the excess.

I also attached all four wheels to the bottom of the cabinet.

Step 5: Make the Drawers

I used 10mm plywood for the drawer sides and bottom and 18mm plywood for the drawer front. To make sure the draw fronts’ consistency. I first cut a template with the bandsaw. Then I try to copy all the drawer with this template. I glue together each drawer and its drawer front.

Step 6: Done!

The planer stand cabinet is done!

Hope you enjoy this project & thanks for watching.

Have a nice day!



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