Planetary Gear Demonstrator

Introduction: Planetary Gear Demonstrator

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All credit and Kudos go to " " . I don't claim to be the designer and provider of the needed files to accomplish this. This is a few instructions for making it bigger and adding stages. He gives assembly instructions. I did make it, But I made it 3x bigger plus 1 stage. If its made bigger like I did then all the parts that deal with spacing need to be changed accordingly. Or you can do like I did and just 3x the size of everything in the files and put in a little extra work by using different things for the parts that deal with spacing. Like the spacers(I used dowels cut to the right size) and base plates(I cut one in half due to the extra stage) will have to be changed in order for the spacing to work out. I used dowels that were a little to small in diameter and wrapped many layers of metal tape around them for the diameter to be increased for a correct fit.


1: Files and instructions from " "

2: Your choice of material: Wood, Plastic. I used "1/8 thick Tempered Hardwood" from Home Depot. "Birch is another good choice. , wood glue, metal tape, hot glue, screws, lock washers, paint, metal tacks, small aluminum sheet or roll of aluminum flashing, sturdy cardboard tube.

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Step 1: Start

Download the needed files and PDF. " 1: Files and instructions from " " Resize everything in the files to 2x , 3x or any fitting size.

Step 2: Finish

Laser cut an extra Planetary01 and Ringgear file for each extra stage. Cut aluminum rings the size of the big ring spacers and glue them to it for the metal tack heads to slide on to reduce friction(add a few drops of oil or grease). Drill small holes in the big ring spacers and put a drop of hot glue on the tack needle and press them down evenly spacing them on a big ring spacer.(see intro pic) Follow the PDF instructions for final assembly.

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    9 days ago

    Thanks to " OU Tom Love Innovation Hub ". I was able to make this using their laser cutting service. If I were to do it again I would make the "spiders and covers" that hold the planet gears out of clear plastic.