Planning a Large Scale Community Service Project

Introduction: Planning a Large Scale Community Service Project

For those of you that are interested in civic engagement or service learning, I am here to help! Here I will provide instructions on how to develop a service project for your community and/or organization & how to evaluate the event's success!

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Step 1: Assessment

What are the needs of your community? Survey the landscape or talk to residents about any concerns they may have in the community.

Step 2: Pick a Project!

Once you've assessed the needs of your community, determine what your project will be!!! Some sample project could be to plant trees, decorate recycle bins or helping elderly residents with odd jobs!

Step 3: Draft Your Proposal

Write up a proposal of what your project will be. Make sure to include an estimated budget, potential organizations to be involved & any supplies that you may need.

Step 4: Review Session

Have your proposal reviewed by your peers or supervisor at an organization that you're interested in working with. Allow them to make suggestions. They may pick up on some things you may have missed.

Step 5: Reach Out

Reach out to organizations that you're interested in working with & send them the proposal. You may want to connect with organizations that have the same mission as yours. It'll make things much easier for the two parties to exchange ideas.

Step 6: Meetings, Meetings & More Meetings

Meet with partner organizations to finalize the project. Things such as budgets, materials, date & location should be discussed.

Step 7: Sponsorship

Contact sponsors & tell them about your service project. They may be interested in donating items to the event. It's also a way for them to promote their companies as well.

Step 8: Paparazzi

Contact the media to advertise your event! Local news crew & journalist should be in attendance. You want to broadcast the good news about your event in as many outlets as possible!

Step 9: Give Them Something to Talk About!

Let area residents know about the event & invite them to participate. Go to door to door passing out flyers, post flyers in local restaurants & religious organizations.

Step 10: The Day Before...

Make sure you have all the supplies you need for the event. Everything should be in order so that you'll be ready to rock & roll on the day of!

Step 11: The Big Day

Be a good host & get actively involved! But most importantly...Have Fun!!!

Step 12: Afterwards

Evaluate the success of the event. How did it go? Were you happy with the outcome? How did the residents feel? Have any changes in the community been made/seen? What are some things you could have done differently?

Step 13: Give Thanks

Send out thank you letters to partnering organizations, sponsor & residents. End things on a good note & thank them for their help!

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