Planning You Project With Miniature Modeling

Introduction: Planning You Project With Miniature Modeling

Hey gals and guys!
This is one of my ways to test my future projects and have fun. And looks awesome!

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Step 1: Gather Material You Need for the Miniature Project

I gather everything outdoors.. but can be man made also.

Than just play around like an inquisitive child.

Miniature modeling is great for many things:

- sparkles imagination & creativity
- helps you prepare for the natural scale
- calculate how much material you will use
- help you test scenarios (if the project will work, conditions, etc)
- great fun
- dilutes anxiety, stress, anger, ...
- let you mind tap into the future
- first physical manifestation of your idea
- ...

Step 2: Video...

..check it out, see the fire burning!

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