Plano 3650 Series Storage Box Caddie

Introduction: Plano 3650 Series Storage Box Caddie

Simple caddie to hold 4 storage units from the 3650 series from Plano.

Step 1: Select Your Material and Make Your First Cut

The Material I am using is Paulowni which is a very light and soft wood used a lot for drawers and shelves in homes. You can use Plywood or what ever you choose as long as it is 1/2" thick.

Because of the material I want the grain to run a certain direction for both strength and looks. With Plywood grain my not be of importance to you.

The pieces needed are:

3 - 7.5" x 12"

2 - 7.5" x 7"

6 - 0.5" x 0.75" x 5.75" angle Aluminum. (a 3 foot section from a local hardware is enough)

1 - Handle (optional)

To make the first cut, set your saw at 12" and make a cross cut in a piece that is at least 40" wide (or long depending how you look at it) as shown in the picture.

This is the total width of our caddie and we want the grain running the long direction.

Step 2: Section Cuts

Now set your saw to 7.5" and cut 5 pieces as shown. Set 3 of them aside and keep the last 2 for the next cut.

WITHOUT moving the fence, Turn the piece 90 degree from your last cut and cut to 7.5" across the grain on both pieces. We do this so all of our 7.5" cuts are identical becasue we have not moved the fence until now.

Now set the fence to 7" and again rotate the two pieces you just cut another 90 degree so we are again cutting with the grain and cut both at 7".

We should end up with 5 pieces as seen in the last picture.

Step 3: Mark the Rails.

With the two smaller pieces, mark 3 lines, 1.875" apart across the grain as shown.

Step 4: Make the Rails.

Cut the 0.5" x 0.75" angle aluminum into 6 even pieces from a 3' stock. Drill 3, 3/16" holes in each piece as shown here on the 0.5" leg of the angle.

Step 5: Secure the Rails

Using #6 x 0.5" wood screws, secure each rail right on the lines we just drew, centered from the edges. Be sure to make them all go the same direction. You will have a "left" and "right" side. the 0,5" leg of the angle alum should point upwards.

Step 6: Attach Back Wall

Using Staples or #6 wood screws and glue, secure the 2 sides to the back wall. The side wall should sit INSIDE the back wall. in the first picture you are looking at the back of the back wall on the left and the outside of the side wall on the right.

Note: if you use wood screws you will want to pre-drill your holes.

Do the same for the opposite side - and remember to point your rails in the same direction.

Step 7: Compleat Assembly

Now attache the top and bottom in the same manner. Sand and paint to your liking.

Step 8: Add a Handle If Desired.

If you attach a handle, first find center front to back and left to right. Center the handle but before you secure it, move the handle slightly forward (towards the box opening) off center by an 1/8" to 1/4". This way when you pick up a loaded caddie, the weight will allow the caddie to "tilt" at an upward angle thus keeping the Plano boxes from sliding out of the Caddie. See second picture, the opening of the Caddie is on the right.

Step 9: Done.

This method can be applied to all types of storage bins, obviously the dimensions will need to change.

(did you really expect a different color?)


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    4 years ago

    You should round off the corners of the angled Aluminium (painful experience)


    4 years ago

    Corrected Mesurement to 1.875", not 0.875"