Plant Charms




How to make plant charms from old aluminum cans .Why cans you can find them almost everywhere the metal is easy to work with you can even cut it with just scissors.I`ll be showing you how to make a leaf in this instructable .Plus if ya mess them up to bad there recyclable **Be Careful the edges are sharp make sure you sand them down to dull them**

Step 1: Choose Your Can.

Pretty self explanatory just pick according to the size charm you`re gonna make.Draw your pattern on the side of the can. then do a rough cut out around the pattern. The leaf is pretty simple to do and looks nice when finished .

Step 2: Rough Cut

This is the rough cut , this is the step where you do all the trimming and sanding to make it look more leaf like. The indents are made with just a pencil tip pressed into the metal to make veins .

Step 3: Curl Clasp

this part is really easy the excess strip left at the top now becomes the loop for hanging.

Step 4: Paint or Don`t Paint

Its up to you to paint or you can leave it the brushed silver look from sanding.I chose to paint mine green and I really like the way it turned out.

Step 5: Hang Them and Admire on Your Plant.



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