Inside the Plant

Introduction: Inside the Plant

This plant pot is a perfect hiding place to hide any valuables you might possess.With the indent in the bottom of the pot, it makes objects easily hidden. This object is a great addition to your room or office. Your guests will never know what is hiding within this object.

Step 1: Materials

For this project your only materials are:

  • A 3-D printer
  • Computer to export your object
  • A tiny plant pot for meausurements (Optional)

Step 2: Design Your Object

Using the CAD program Onshape we made our object.You can either print out the object we made or make your own similar object.

Step 3: Print Out Your Object

Use any 3-D printer program, and connect that to your 3-D printer. For this project we used Makerbot, but you can use something different if that is accessible.

Step 4: You Are All Done

Congratulations you have reached the end of our very short tutorial. Thank you for reading our instructable and I hope your objects keep things hidden well!



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    10 Discussions

    Good job with your 3d printed pot. You got my vote.

    This is one of the best items I've seen!

    Yes. We just uploaded it.

    Do you have a photo your item printed


    That's a great idea for a hiding place :)