Plant IV Fluid

Introduction: Plant IV Fluid

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Plant IV fluid, Intravenous fluid for plants.

A low-watering for the plants minimal water needs, it supplies constant water throughout the day in minimal dosage.

so the plants is not in harms way. perfect for watering your plants with little effort.

Now Let's get Making!

Step 1: The Materials Needed:

So you need to gather the following materials for your Plant's IV fluid.

what you need are:

A piece of plastic bottle

String (I used Shoe String)


and a toothpick

now let's get started.

Step 2: Hole in the Middle!

Now get your plastic bottle and now poke a hole in the middle using your cutter

if you're a kid (ask an adult for help)

and on the bottom part of the plastic bottle poke a hole in it

in this way we will put something in it to make the water flow and not pressurized inside the bottle

Step 3: Yes, Strings and Toothpicks Attached

Now get the bottle cap and put the string insider the hole of the cap and tie it with a double knot.

and now place a toothpick inside the hole like shown,

and with the bottom part also.

Step 4: Strings Still Attached

Now get your string and tie it at the bottom of the bottle,

first cut the string into two equal parts,

tie the first string circling the bottom of the bottle

the second one must be tied in equal sides of the string tied to the bottom.

Step 5: Now Ready, Set, Water!

Now before putting water inside the bottle you must secure a nail on top of your plant or a hanger.

and now after that put some water inside of it and then let the water takes it course.

the bottle cap with the toothpick on will act like a siphon of the fluid above and the water will drip down.

the bottom of the bottle will act like a oxygen reservoir for the Bottle to not be pressurized inside.

and with the string dripping down, secure it in the plant's soil or simply dangle it from the plant.

Now you have yourself your very own Plant IV fluid.

Thanks for Watching, and possibly MAKING.

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