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About: Hi. My name is Rachel and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy making projects for people to use on their lasers. Experimenting, Travel, Do-It-Yourself Projects, and Food fuel my day.

With this easy to follow Instructable you can easily identify your herbs and vegetables with fun and colorful laser cut acrylic garden plant markets.

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Step 1: Import PDF Into CorelDraw

Import the PDF file into CorelDraw.

The file includes a garden gnome (optimized for transparent acrylics), a retro design, and a clean design.

Step 2: Customize the Graphic

Use the text tool to edit the name of the plant or herb

Step 3: Laser Process

Below are the laser settings we used with the Speedy 400 (80 watts with 2.5 inch lens).

Depending on the laser power and the material used, the settings may vary. 

Used parameters for 1/4" acrylics:
Engraving: Power: 70% - Speed: 100% - Frequency: Auto - Air Assist: ON
Cutting: Power: 100% - Speed: 0.1% - Frequency: 20,000 Hz - Air Assist: ON - Z-Offset: -1.50mm

Used parameters for 1/8" acrylics:
Engraving:Power: 35% - Speed: 10% - Frequency: Auto - Air Assist: ON
Cutting: Power: 30% - Speed: 0.1% - Frequency: 8,500 Hz - Air Assist: ON

Click here JobControl Material Database settings

Using an acrylic cutting table will prevent beam reflections on the backside of the material. It is especially important when cutting acrylics to have a strong down draft in order to avoid flames and to get crystal-clear edges. For more tips on laser cutting acrylic, download our white paper!

Step 4: Add Signs to Garden

You're done! Time to brighten up your garden with our fun garden plant identification signs!

We can't wait to see your finished products!

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